Call of Duty 5 set in Pacific theatre of war?

This past weekend we uncovered that Call of Duty 3 masterminds, Treyarch, were looking into the idea of bringing the Call of Duty franchise back to its World War II roots. Now in an involving path of twist and turns, we can now bring fourth new information that sheds light on this possibility, plus more.

For a number of years, developers have raided the World War II era for content to create their latest title with. In specific, the European Theatre of the conflict has received the most attention.

As such, many have suggested that developers have not dug deep enough into the European aspect while some believe they need to lie off for a while — I mean, how many times can we as gamers expect to storm the beaches of Normandy?

One portion of World War II that is constantly left in the dark is the Pacific Theatre, one of the portions of WWII that held some of the most important battles like Guadalcanal, Iwo Jima, and Midway. Now it appears that the developers of Call of Duty 3 not only might be considering the notion of bringing COD back to WWII, but to the Pacific Theatre conflict of WWII in Call of Duty 5.
If this is true, then it would make only the 2nd time when a major WWII game explores the Pacific conflict with the other one being Medal of Honor: Pacific Assault from Electronic Arts. This is also not counting the History Channel’s: Battle for the Pacific, which flew a little under the radar in terms of mainstream appeal and attention.

Call of Duty 4 is considered by many to be one of the better games and indeed in the whole year of 2007, as it received the award for best military game at last night’s Video Game Awards on Spike TV.

With great success, people might find some comfort in the new modern realm and might not be too willing to take the trip back to 65 years or so. We will bring you more on this once info surfaces.

Source: Kotaku