Call of Duty 5 WWII-bound

Treyarch, the development team responsible for the decent Call of Duty 3, has clearly already spearheaded development on its next project, Call of Duty 5. The recently released Call of Duty 4 brought modern warfare to the table, but apparently Treyarch has eschewed the idea of emulating the awe-inspiring title. Instead, they are vying once again to create a WWII shooter, if a job ad on their website is accurate.

They’re searching for a level builder who has “working experience with First-Person Shooter or Third-Person Shooter genres,” adding that “if you’re a fan of World War II shooters, then even better!”

We’re fairly positive that 99% of people will not be pleased by this news – primarily due to the awesomeness that emanated from every megabyte of COD4.

We’ll let you know if the listing does indeed imply what it seems to.