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Call Of Duty Dev Team Responds To Players Matchmaking Concerns With New Statement

The Call Of Duty franchise has arguably been the most popular multiplayer series since it debuted back in 2003, and in all that time, the development team behind the games has never really commented on the ‘magic’ behind its matchmaking solution.

That has changed on Thursday, when the team released a statement after players continually expressing concerns over how matchmaking is currently being handled with Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3.

“We know there is a lot of interest in the matchmaking experience, especially around how skill contributes to how lobbies and matches are put together.” the team began.

“Nothing is more important to us than the experience players have with the game, and matchmaking is a big part of that. We’ve been working on our matchmaking system for well over ten years, and we continue to spend a ton of time and energy on improving the matchmaking process.

This involves people working people working at our Call Of Duty studios, our backend services team at Demonware, and other groups like our Player Insights team.

It’s a large effort that we’ve worked on for many years, and our approach combines latency, search time, and skill, along with many other factors, to try to find the best match experience for you.

Talking about this topic in detail can be hard, and we haven’t spent the time to pull together all of our work to share with you our insights and improvements over the many years.

We’re looking forward to doing that in the coming weeks after Season 1 launches, and we’ll also make it a part of our ongoing discussions with the community.”

On the whole, the statement doesn’t say much of anything on the team’s matchmaking methodologies, but it does promise that we’ll get to see a little more behind the curtain in the future.

What that peek will actually look like though remains to be seen.

Source – [CharlieIntel]