Call of Duty: Ghosts PS4 framerate issues caused by it being higher than 60fps

The PlayStation 4 version of Call of Duty: Ghosts has received criticism for its erratic framerate despite the console being more than capable of achieving the 1080p/60fps claimed by Infinity Ward. Now, the reason for game’s problems has come to light, and it’s rather unusual to say the least.

When looking into the effects of the recent patch that was deployed, Digital Foundry discovered that the PS4 version wasn’t dropping below the 60fps the series heralds as being of paramount importance. Instead, it was often higher and the dips to 60fps gave the impression of dropping below that level.

Digital Foundry says that, "In scenes where we experienced judder and perceived frame-rate loss, what we are actually seeing is the appearance of skipped and incomplete frames – an effect that is arguably far more noticeable than a few prolonged drops down to 50fps or so seen the 360 version of the game." This is caused by the video output being limited to 60Hz.

This should be able to be fixed by Infinity Ward and the PS4 version of the game locked at 60fps, as per the Call of Duty hallmark.