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Major Minecraft update NOT coming to PS4, Sony rejects crossplay

minecraft update crossplay ps4

Can you crossplay Minecraft PS4 and Xbox One? Nope, it certainly doesn’t look like it. In a spate of news that’s sure to ruffle some feathers in the Minecraft community, it’s today been confirmed that the next major Minecraft update for crossplay will not be making its way to PS4 as Sony has refused to sanction it.

Originally a confirmed feature at Microsoft’s E3 press conference last night alongside a new paid 4K-inspired texture update, Minecraft’s upcoming cross-platform play means that players will be able to use their saves across console, mobile, PC, and even VR versions of the game.

Thus far, that includes all Microsoft products, naturally, but also the recently released Nintendo Switch version of the game.

Minecraft PS4 update for crossplay not happening

Speaking with GamesBeat, Minecraft’s Aubrey Norris said: “We can’t speak for Sony, but as we said, we would love to have our PlayStation 4 community join our Minecraft unification plans.”

It’s as-yet unclear as to why Sony has refused such a deal, and though we’re not aware of the exact terms that were turned down by the Japanese corporation, it’s worth considering that given Sony’s position as a market leader it wasn’t in their interest to pursue a deal that would unify all versions of the hugely-popular sandbox game.

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We’re not condoning the move, rather trying to reconcile with why Sony would turn down the Bring Together update that’d be handy even for people who just have the PS4 and mobile versions of the game. Sadly, it looks like the PlayStation Vita and PS4 will be the only way for PlayStation gamers to cross-platform play with Minecraft.

For everyone else, the Bring Together update for Minecraft will be coming at some point this summer – as ever stay tuned to PSU in case Sony has a change of heart and lets the update through to its platforms.