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Capcom Announces Monster Hunter Wilds Coming To PS5 In 2025

Capcom has revealed the next major installment in its Monster Hunter franchise with Monster Hunter Wilds, arriving on PS5 and other current-gen platforms some time in 2025.

The news was announced with a trailer showcased towards the end of The Game Awards 2023, and was in fact the final “world premiere” trailer of the night.

We got an early look at what seemed to be gameplay, though the few intriguing shots we saw left more questions than answers for players to dissect.

You can check out the reveal trailer for Monster Hunter Wilds for yourself, below.

Ever since Monster Hunter World elevated the franchise to new heights in popularity, fans have been eager to see what the next true evolution for the franchise would be.

Wilds looks like it could be a promising new era for Monster Hunter, though with a 2025 release window it’s clear that we’re still a ways out from seeing something more concrete on what exactly Wilds will be.

Source – [The Game Awards]