Catherine gets European release date

Quirky adventurer Catherine will be released in Europe on February 10, 2012, publisher Deep Sliver has confirmed.

The game will be available in two flavours: standard (£49.99) and Stray Sheep Edition (£54.99). The latter packs a number of goodies including a Rave T-Shirt and comes served in a pizza delivery box.

Catherine sees players hopping into the shoes of Vincent, who has pulled a classy bird named Katherine. She’s smart, attractive and successful, though has recently started broaching the subject of long-term commitment, something which Vincent generally tends to avoid. 

Not wanting to face up to the complications of long-term romance, our hero sets off with his buddies down to the bar for a round of drinks. The next morning, he’s suffering from a hangover and finds himself shacked up with a gorgeous young woman named Catherine. Problem is he can’t remember anything about what happened the night before, and soon finds his fears and guilt manifesting themselves in his dreams as horrific creatures. 

Catherine originally hit Japan earlier this year and was released in the U.S. back in July.