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Catherine O’Hara Has Officially Joined The Cast For HBO’s The Last Of Us Season 2

Canadian icon Catherine O’Hara has officially joined the cast for HBO’s The Last Of Us, though we don’t yet know in what capacity.

O’Hara joining the cast began as a rumour, and was then half-confirmed when she admitted to being “in talks” with the show about a role. Shortly after that, HBO confirmed she is indeed a part of the cast.

The fact that her role is yet to be revealed implies it’s a spoiler not yet meant to come, though that hasn’t stopped fans from drumming up theories themselves.

Some of the top theories from fans are that O’Hara will enter the role of the Seraphites leader, though considering how the show introduced plenty of new characters into the world, it’s more likely she’s playing someone totally new.

Whatever the case, O’Hara is an excellent addition to what was already a stacked cast, and only heightens expectations for what’s to come in Season 2.

Source – [Entertainment Weekly]