Check out this Grand Theft Auto V fan animated trailer

A fan has released a video containing Grand Theft Auto V’s signature concept art in motion. It’s a beautiful piece that highlights the themes that will run through the game. Rockstar has kept GTA V in the shadows, but fans were recently given tons of new information and media to sink their teeth into.

The game’s three main characters are called Michael, Trevor and Franklin.

Michael is retired, in his early 40s, and a highly successful former bank robber. He retired in luxury after making a deal with the FBI. He’s in the witness protection program, he hates his wife for spending his money. She hates him too. He doesn’t understand his two teenage kids, Tracy and Jimmy, and is forced back into the game as his money is about to run out.

Trevor is a career criminal. He is middle aged, a drug user, and prone to violent outbursts and destructive rampages. This makes him a loose cannon. He is a former military pilot that worked a bank job with Michael back in the day. He was always up for a heist.

Franklin, a repo man, is in his mid 20s. He’s a young and ambitious hustler. He works for an Armenian luxury car dealership that sells cars to those who can’t afford them. When customers can’t pay up he plays repo man. He stumbles into Michael while looking for a hustle.

A quick menu can be called up to switch characters. The camera pulls away into a Google Earth-style vantage point and then drops into the chosen character.