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Chivalry 2: Raiding Party Update Out Today, Adds Sacking Of Bridge Town Map & More

Torn Banner Studios has announced the release of Chivalry 2: Raiding Party Update, which is available today for all owners of the medieval action sequel. Today also marks the release of Chivalry 2 as part of the PS Plus Essential May 2023 free games lineup.

The Sacking of Bridgetown is a 64-player Team Objective map that sees the defending team take on the role of the Agnathans, or you can play as the Tenosians as the attackers.

In this huge map’s first stage, defenders spawn as Agathian peasants – who must frantically take up arms to defend their Lords’ vineyards against Tenosian attackers. Can you survive long enough for the Agathian Knights to arrive? Probably not, but you’ll return to the fray as a proper warrior after valiantly dying for your kingdom.

Elsewhere, the Raiding Party Update also adds a new Heavy Cavalry Sword weapon, which is a one-handed weapon that possesses long reach and slow swings. The sword can be equipped by the Footman Man-at-Arms and the Knight Guardian subclasses.

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Finally, Torn Banner Studios reveals that the update will launch alongside the Cross-Play Parties Beta, which will allow players to share Invite Codes to add folk to their friends lists, party up and matchmake into servers together.

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[Source – PlayStation Blog]