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ChromaGun VR Trophy Guide

After my recent review of ChromaGun VR, I thought I would make a quick guide on how to obtain that elusive platinum trophy. The game is quite straight forward trophy-wise, there are only a few tricky trophies and most of them will come naturally playing through its campaign.

This guide can also be used for the non-VR version of ChromaGun. The non-VR version just includes a few more trophies but they are very simple and easy to obtain.

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Check out the ChromaGun VR trophy guide and find out how to get the platinum trophy!

The trophy breakdown is as follows – 8 bronze, 1 silver, 9 gold, and 1 platinum.

Step 1 – Play the Campaign

Play through the campaign normally, nothing is missable and you can redo any level at your leisure. Just play through the 8 stages and its various rooms and enjoy yourself.

Most of the puzzles are not too difficult, you may need to try some things and experiment a little bit. We never needed to look at a walkthrough for any of the puzzles, they are never overly-complicated. Just play through them at your own pace.

After this step, you will have at least achieved these trophies –

Pre-SchoolerMix a colour. It’s not that hard, really

Right in the Head!Shoot a WorkerDroid

Open, Sesame! – Open a door by activating a trigger

Sizzle, Sizzle – Grill a WorkerDroid on a Deadly Electrified Maintenance Tile

Welcome to ChromaTecFinish Chapter 1

Colour Equals FunFinish Chapter 2

Vector OperationsFinish Chapter 3

Desperate TimesFinish Chapter 4

Desperate MeasuresFinish Chapter 5

How Time FliesFinish Chapter 6

Demanded AttentionFinish Chapter 7

The Grand FinaleFinish Chapter 8

Step 2 – Miscellaneous Trophies

There are a few tricky trophies to obtain, some you may have obtained in step one. I have listed them below along with videos of how to obtain them.

Not A LieFind the hidden cake we actually have, as opposed to that other game that doesn’t have a cake

Load level 3-4 and follow the video below. Just run through the level normally but instead of taking the exit, navigate to the hidden area and find the cake.

Doing it WrongTry painting a grey WokerDroid and realize how pointless that was

Quite simple, just try to paint a grey worker droid. You probably got this in step one but it’s not impossible not to.

Wait, what?Solve a chamber without firing a single shot

Load level 7-6 and follow the video below. Just make sure to not fire your weapon.

Making Darwin ProudSimply walk onto the Deadly Electrified Maintenance tile in Chamber 3-1

This is easy and again, you probably got this in step 1. Just walk onto the electrical tile and die in chapter 3-1.

No Hugging!Get killed by a WorkerDroid

You will have got this in step 1 but if you did manage to get through the whole game without dying then just get killed by a worker droid.

Droid LoveRescue the WorkerDroid in Chamber 5-3

Load level 5-3 and follow the video below. You just need to make sure the central droid does not die.

Employee of the YearYeah, that’s it. (Platinum)

After you have acquired the toughest of ChromaGun VR’s virtual baubles you will have that shiny platinum trophy. Enjoy.