Codemasters plans to race ahead of GT5 Prologue

This past weekend Codemasters made available at Live a playable version of their upcoming title, Race Driver: GRID. Some of you may be familiar with Codemasters other racing titles such as Colin McRae Rally and ToCA Race Driver. Both games just happened to be top of their class. They’re also known for the racer DiRT, which includes what is highly regarded as the best damage modeling of any racer game yet.

GRID is expected to feature GTR racecars, American muscle cars, and Japanese drift machines. On top of this, Codemasters plans on taking this game an entirely different direction than other games of the simulation genre.

“This is not a game about collecting cars or spending all of your time in the front-end tuning suspension settings or designing liveries. We want to make racing exciting again,” exclaims Ralph Fulton, Chief Game Designer.

Tracks will be based in America, Europe, and Japan as well. One of the coolest aspects released about this title revolves around the Japanese drifting. Apparently there will be traffic on the streets during these races, making it for a much more realistic experience of street drifting, something only usually seen in an arcade racer.

Codemasters has this slated as a mid-2008 release with nothing concrete in mind. We’ll keep you up to date, as this appears to be a racer worth looking at.