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Conan Exiles Release Time Confirmed Alongside Big Update

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Conan Exiles launches on PS4 and Xbox One tomorrow, as the PC version leaves early access. Funcom's open world survival game will arrive with a big day-one update.

The developer has warned any PS4 players who have obtained the disc before launch to apply the new patch before they play, which will ensure you get all the fixes and updates for the full launch version.

Conan Exiles Release Time

The developer will be carrying out server maintenance later today on the PC version in preparation for launch. The servers will be down on May 7 at 6pm CEST until the following day.

The Conan Exiles release time has been confirmed for May 8 at 11am UTC/1pm CEST/7am EDT. At launch there are 225 official servers available, split across three categories:

  • PvP: On these servers, player vs player combat is possible all times, but building damage will be limited to prime time (5pm - 11pm local server time). Players can fight each other as much as they want, but raiding and damaging buildings will be limited.
  • PvE: Only creatures and NPCs can harm players on PvE servers. Thralls will not attack players and players cannot attack and kill thralls.
  • PvE Conflict: On a PvE Conflict server you can only damage other players during prime time (5pm - 11pm local server time). Building damage is turned off at all times. These servers will at first only be available on PC. We may roll them out later for PS4 and Xbox One post-launch, depending on their popularity.

In Conan Exiles, you fight for survival on a harsh wasteland as you collect resources and build weapons and tools to aid your plight. Play alone or team up with others to create impenetrable settlements, and wage war against your enemies for total domination.

Conan Exiles launches on PS4, Xbox One and PC on May 8, 2018. You can check it out on the PlayStation Store.