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Could Octopath Traveler Be Coming To PS5/PS4 In The Future?


Microsoft has released Octopath Traveler for Xbox One and PC on March 25, but will it also get a PS4/PS5 release at the same time or later on down the line.

Publisher Square Enix hasn’t said anything about a PlayStation version of Octopath Traveler yet. We haven’t heard anything from Sony either. But, we expect it to come to PS4/PS5 at some point, although Microsoft may have bagged timed exclusivity on the JRPG, especially as nothing was revealed about the game coming to other platforms at the Square Enix showcase this week.

Gematsu did manage to get a quote from Square Enix with the publisher saying the following:

“We have no updates at this time for Octopath Traveler aside from what was already announced.”

Octopath Traveler was originally released for the Nintendo Switch in July 2018, the PC in June 2019, and Google Stadia last April.

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