Could PSOne and PS2 Classics be coming to PS4? It’s looking likely!

Evidence that Sony is planning on introducing PlayStation and PlayStation 2 Classics for the PlayStation 4 has surfaced again online, hinting the feature may be revealed at this year’s PlayStation Experience in December.

The feature has been much-requested among PS4 users, having been seen in the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita; however, with Sony’s investment in the cloud-based service, PlayStation Now, has put into question whether or not we’ll see them introduced for the PS4. We’ve seen evidence that it could be on the way however, with a patent filing suggesting old PSOne and PS2 games would be retrofitted with Trophy support and PS4 OS functions, along with PEGI filings for re-releases of PS2 titles including Dark Cloud and Twisted Metal.

This week, fresh evidence has come to light in the shape of the recent Star Wars Battlefront PS4 bundle, which comes packaged with the PS2 games Star Wars Bounty Hunter and Jedi Starfighter. In addition, a user on Reddit reports that both titles have been updated with native Trophy support, which indicates they are emulated on the PS4 OS. 

While Sony is keeping mum on the subject of PSOne and PS2 Classics coming to its flagship home console, this evidence certainly seems to suggest that the feature is in the pipeline. As mentioned, the PlayStation Experience would be a fine place to announce such a feature, although right now it remains to be seen if we’ll see anything. We’ll keep you posted.

Would you like to see PSOne and PS2 Classics come to the PS4? Or are you happy waiting for them to be rolled out on PlayStation Now? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.