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Craig Mazin Will “Spring Into Action” To Resume Work On HBO’s The Last Of Us Season 2 Once Writers Strike Is Officially Over

The strikes that have put Hollywood on hold for months now look to be coming to an end, or at least the one that started it all will. A tentative agreement has been reached between for the writers strike, and once that agreement is finalized, plenty of shows will resume work.

One of them being HBO’s The Last Of Us working on season two, and writer and showrunner Craig Mazin has said him and the team will “spring into action” the moment they can.

Very proud of the WA and its membership, and excited to get back to work on The Last of Us Season 2. The strike has not yet been officially lifted, but the second it is, we will spring into action!” said Mazin

Hopefully the tentative agreement is able to address the needs of writers, and be the foundation of a new, better era in the entertainment industry for those behind the shows and films we all enjoy.

This of course doesn’t mean the actors have stopped striking, though it could potentially be a sign that the AMPTP is also coming to the table with SAG-AFTRA.

Source – [DomTheBombYT on Twitter]