Crash in PlayStation All-Stars ‘would NEVER be DLC’, says SuperBot

PlayStation fans want him, but SuperBot Entertainment and Sony are tight-lipped on whether Crash Bandicoot will appear in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. However, SuperBot has declared that (in the very likely event that he IS included), he would be treated with respect.

That means Crash will not be reserved for a DLC, says DSN. In a discussion with fans at PAX Prime 2012, SuperBot lead game designer Omar Kendall answered one fan’s question about the possibility of Crash as a DLC release with the following answer: "Crash would NEVER be DLC, he would be a free character."

Does that mean we can expect Crash to make the base roster of fighters? "Stay tuned," he said, after much prompting.

Things are looking up for marsupial fans these days, as Crash Team Racing 2010 was recently leaked and evidence continues to pile for his inclusion in PlayStation All-Stars. Stay tuned to for all things Crash Bandicoot – we want our friend to return just as much as you do.