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Crema Wants Your Input On Crafting The TemTem PS5 Trophy List


Crema has revealed on its forums that it wants players’ input on creating the TemTem PS5 trophy list, ahead of the gam’s launch out of early access in the future.

The Pokemon-like RPG has been out on PS5 for a few months now and writing on the TemTem forums, the game’s Director says that “we’re getting close to the moment of closing and implementing the achievements/trophies in TemTem.”

The team already has some ideas, but they wanted to put out one final call for what trophies and achievements to implement into the game, including what you would have to do to earn them, and even names and descriptions.

Some ideas in the forums include getting every Tem with its Luna version, defeating every Dojo Master in a rematch, various tasks during a Ranked Match, and of course everyone’s favourite task: fishing. What would you like to see? And, if you have any ideas you can suggest them here.

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We reviewed TemTem when it launched in early access and was impressed with the experience. You can read our review here.

TemTem is available in early access on PS5 now and is set to launch fully at some point in the future.

Source – [TemTem Forums via PlayStation LifeStyle]