Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Cheats

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII Hints and Tips

Unlocking New Game+ Option:

In order to unlock New Game+, simply complete the game once and save your progress once the ending cinematic and credits have finished. This mode allows gamers to play through the game again with all items and material from the previous quest.

Unlocking Item Fusion Tome:

Successfully complete mission 8-2-1.

Unlocking Genji Armor:

In order to obtain this armor, you must complete your DMW gallery and acquire 100% for each piece. This item allows you to boost your max Hit Points (HP) to 99,999, and, providing the gear is equipped, endows Zack with permanent Endure and Regen.

Unlocking Genji Shield:

The Genji Shield is located in mission 7-6-6. In order to acquire this powerful item, you must fight the Magic Pot by employ the following attacks in the order that follows; Gil Toss, Costly Punch, 99,999 Damage and Octaslash.

When equipped, the Genji Shield gives its user permanent Omni Status Guard, as well as absorbing elemental damage and bolstering your defences with both Barrier and Mbarrier.

Avoiding Mission Battles:

In order to avoid battles during missions, try to hug the walls and you progress through a certain area; this should decrease your chances of being attacked. Best worked in round-shaped rooms.

Finding the Cursed Ring:

Following your confrontation with Behemoth at the beginning of the game, you’ll be taken to the second chapter, where a character named Kunsel will brief you on various topics. He will then instruct you to check out the supply pod nearby, which contains a bronze bangle; however, check it 20 times and you will receive an item known as the Cursed Ring.

This special item raises your HP, MP and SP by a total of 10 per cent, in addition to raising your stats by 10 points. On the flip side, you will not be able to utilize limit breaks, nor will you be able to level up or access the DWM’s in battle.

99,999 HP:

Try the following in order to achieve 99,999 HP. Take two fully levelled HP Up Materia’s and fuse them together, then fuse a total of 25 Elixir’s into the materia (note – you’ll need the item material fusion skill to do this) This will create a HP Up materia with roughly a +360% HP increase.

Banora Missiles:

During your mission in the town of Banora, you’ll be able to take part in a small mini game requiring the player to cut down approaching Missiles out of the air. While this may not seem significant at first, the number of Missiles you destroy will in fact give you more time when returning to Angeal’s mothers house.

Furthermore, you can also gain various items as rewards for stopping the Missile attack. If you search the town using the added time available and grab everything in sight, you’ll turn up an extra reward consisting of an Ether, a Soma, an X-Potion, an Elixir and a Phoenix Down.

Following Aerith:

Here’s a handy tip for when you are required to follow Aertih around the city of Midgar. Instead of keeping up with her in the standard fashion, position your character in front of her, and she’ll literally push you along in the direction you need to go. However, you have to be spot on, or the young flower girl will push you out of the way.

Fast Materia Mastering:

The following is an effective strategy for mastering your materia in a quick and relatively easy fashion. Once you have levelled up sufficiently (preferably around the time you get the DMW called Lucky Stars) head to the game’s first mission. Due to your experience you’ll be able to beat it with little trouble, and the parameter breaks ensures that dying here is a rare occurrence. As a result, you will be able to master your equipped materia with little trouble by simply hitting the mission up multiple times.