Crysis 2 joins UK’s PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection next week

Crysis 2 is set next week to be the featured title added to the Instant Game Collection for PlayStation Plus subscribers in the UK.

The premise behind Crysis 2 is delivered through the efforts of Force Recon Marine named Alcatraz as he fends off an attacking alien race that’s bent on destroying humankind. This title ultimately puts you in the shoes of a supersoldier that has the ability, with the aid of his combat-enhanced body suit formally called Nanosuit 2, to both withstand and overtake the alien invasion.

In joining the Instant Game Collection, Crysis 2 will be available next to ten games at once through a PS Plus subscription. Subscribers will also have available over 45 titles through a year’s time, so the rewards keep flooding in. There’s no official word yet if Crysis 2 will become part of the US section of Instant Game Collection, but we will keep you posted on that in the coming week.

Via PS Blog UK