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Crysis 4 Has Seemingly Leaked Online Via Image Posted By Crytek China

The Chinese arm of developer Crytek has seemingly leaked the existence of Crysis 4, which will be the first all-new entry in the sci-fi franchise in nine years.

While we imagine the image will be taken down soon, at the time of writing at least, it’s still viewable here. Furthermore, a translation of the text reads as follows:

The ‘Crysis 4’ project is confirmed, opening a new nano battlefield! Follow @Crytek_Official, we will continue to update you with the latest news.

At this point Crytek has not officially announced Crysis 4 to the world, but the leak appears to be pretty legit to us. We wouldn’t be surprised if they were working on a new game though, as the Crysis Remastered Trilogy was probably Crytek’s way of slowly introducing the franchise back into the public consciousness.

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[Source – Eurogamer]