Crytek has been waiting for next-gen since Crysis 1

Crytek head honcho Cevat Yerli’s let slip that the celebrated studio has been eagerly awaiting the arrival of next-generation platforms since the release of the inaugural Crysis back in November 2007.

Chatting with, Yerli revealed that the developer’s been musing over the prospect of next-generation architecture for a while now, and as such conceived its CryEngine 3 with future hardware in mind.

"We’ve been considering the next generation and what it will likely consist of for many years now, so everything we did in CryEngine 3 has been with an eye on future hardware architectures," commented Yerli.

"Some recently advertised ‘next-gen’ features in other middleware are running in an unplayable tech demo on a supercomputer. But a bunch of these same features are available right now, in the current generation, in Crysis 2!

"We’ve been waiting for the next generation of consoles since we released Crysis 1, as the high end PC features we invented back then will be pretty standard on next-gen consoles, we believe," he continued.

Furthermore, Yerli also noted that developers can take comfort in the knowledge that the CryEngine 3 will scale easily in order to accommodate the shift to next-gen technology when the time comes.

"Developers can work with CryEngine 3 right now, running real-time GI, sub-surface scattering, movie quality camera effects, etc. in vast worlds with extreme complexity and be confident that the technology they are working with will be scalable to the next generation,” he said.