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Cult Of The Lamb Merges Rogue-Like With Town Management In Early 2022 For PC & Consoles

Massive Monster announced during GamesCom 2021 Opening Night Live that Cult of the Lamb will be hitting PC and consoles in early 2022.

The game casts players in the role of a possessed lamb (yes, really) that was spared from annihilation from a mysterious stranger, and works to repay their debut by building up a following in his name. That basally means starting your own cult in a land of false prophets, racking up followers as you explore ‘diverse and mysterious regions’ and help to spread your Word to become the biggest cult going.

After returning to your base, players must accommodate the needs of their followers in order to win their devotion. Resources can be collected to build new structures, while appeasing the gods will see you performing dark rituals and give sermons to reinforce the faith of your followers.

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Check out a trailer for Cult of the Lamb below.