‘Damage feedback’ top priority for Visceral following Battlefield Hardline beta

In a round-table discussion this week with Visceral Games, lead multiplayer designer for Battlefield Hardline, Thad Sasser, told PSU that the most pressing issue that will be addressed prior to launch will be ‘damage feedback’.

Though Visceral plans on making numerous tweaks to the game, including the addition of new camera angles for vehicles, its first priority will be improving feedback to players about the damage they’ve taken.

“For me the biggest thing is damage feedback for both players on foot and in vehicles,” said Thad, responding to a question about the company’s main priority post-beta.

“There’s sometimes a lack of notification when you take damage and you don’t know that you’re wounded. This is something we really want to address. I think it’s particularly a problem in vehicles where you could be down to 27% health but not even realise it and then you feel like you get one-shotted. If you could rewind it and watch it, you could see that you’re actually really damaged, you just didn’t know. So this is one of the big things that we’re really focused on, improving that feedback loop between the player’s hearth state and the damage he’s’ taken.”

Thad also spoke about the comparisons made between Battlefield Hardline and Counter Strike and admitted that it’s going to be “tough to please everybody”. More Battlefield Hardline details from the audio interview will be revealed on the PlayStation Unchained podcast, Episode 67, next week.