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Stampede Announces a Dance Dance Revolution Movie

Dance Dance Revolution Movie - What Better Way to Celebrate Your 20-Year Anniversary?

No, that isn’t a typo. Greg Silverman’s Stampede Ventures is indeed working on a Dance Dance Revolution movie.

Well, that’s one way to celebrate a 20-year anniversary.

Before you dismiss it as pure unadulterated garbage, however, it does sound as if the film will fully embrace the sheer absurdity of such a concept. Rather than trying to tell a meaningful story in a film based on a series of rhythm games.

In a World on the Brink of Destruction, Our Only Hope is Dance

“The project will explore a world on the brink of destruction where the only hope is to unite through the universal language of dance”.

That’s the premise of the Dance Dance Revolution movie, according to Variety who first published the story yesterday afternoon. Leaving us quietly confident that the big screen adaptation will be somewhat tongue-in-cheek in tone. I mean, it can’t be anything else, surely?

We don’t know who, if anyone, Stampede has in mind to star in the film at this stage. However, it has already been announced that producers J. Todd Harris and Marc Marcum of Branded Entertainment will be working on the project alongside IP owner Konami.

Dance Dance Revolution

In other video game-movie news, yesterday brought us plenty of fresh details appertaining to Paul W. S. Anderson’s live action Monster Hunter movie.

Due to begin shooting in South Africa later this month, the movie tie-in (which starts Mila Jovovich, Tony Jaa, Ron Perlman, and Diego Boneta) appears to have almost absolutely nothing in common with the original source material.

Which is encouraging…

Source: Variety