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Souls-Like Side-Scroller Dark Devotion Set For PS4 Release

Dark Devotion PS4

Dark Devotion, a 2D side-scrolling Dark Souls esque title has been confirmed for release on PS4 after spending an extended spell in PC early access.

Fans of side-scrolling adventure titles that boast a challenge should definitely be putting this one on their radars – here’s why.

Dark Devotion is a roguelike with a difference

Set for release on PS4 sometime in early 2019 Dark Devotion is perhaps best described as a cross between Dark Souls and the equally brilliant Dead Cells, which released last year.

While Dark Devotion retains Dark Souls punishing difficulty and challenging bosses of the FROM Software franchise, so too does it tap into the combat and platforming essence of Dead Cells; fashioning a highly stylish and responsive roguelike in the process.

Where Dark Devotion deviates from its inspirations however, is in how it leverages roguelike design in a way that’s fresh and surprising. With a number of handcrafted levels that do not change each time you play, and death system that robs you of your gear, but let’s you keep your experience points, Dark Devotion is already shaping up to be a notable entry in the roguelike, metroidvania genres.

Finally, as you can tell from the trailer below, Dark Devotion is not lacking in flair and visual flourish, as our hero rolls, attacks and evades a wide number of brilliantly animated enemies.

Developed by Hibernan Workshop and published by The Arcade Crew, Dark Devotion releases on PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch sometime early in 2019.