Dark Horse talks Mass Effect 4

Dark Horse Comics has a close connection with the Mass Effect universe having published numerous series that expand on the narratives and characters that fans of the videogame have grown to love.

PSU spoke with Director of Custom Projects at Dark Horse, Nick McWhorter, to find out what the future holds for the Mass Effect comic series and to see what his expectations are for Mass Effect 4.

“I’m really excited to go back to that world and be engaged with it. I’m excited to see the graphic capabilities of what they’re going to be doing with next-gen”, said Nick.

“I’m excited to see new stories in that world. We’re excited when the opportunity arises to dig into that and be able to tell some stories around what they’re doing next with Mass Effect.

What’s interesting about the Mass Effect comic series is that the videogame lead character, Commander Shepherd, doesn’t feature in them but the narratives revolve around other spin-off stories such as Aria T’Loak’s encounter with the Collectors and the origin of the Illusive Man.

With Mass Effect 4 also not featuring Shepard, and news that The Last Of US DLC was influenced by Dark Horse’s mini-series tie-in, it seems plausible that Bioware may touch on some of the narratives that have already been explored by the U.S. comic book publisher.

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