Dark Sector’s online features and differences

We’ve been a heavy supplier of Dark Sector news over the last couple of months as we have high expectations for this upcoming title from D3 Publisher, unfortunately it seems as though our online portion of the game may have some slight differences to that of the 360s.  According to a press release that was sent out today, the PlayStation 3 online offerring of Dark Sector will be missing a couple of options relating to the process of starting up games.

Though these differences may be only minor and very trivial, it’s disappointing to know that the same product couldn’t be released for both platforms.  It appears that the 360 version will allow you to setup Quick, Custom, and Ranked matches, while the PS3 will only offer the ability to search and setup games.  Though this is a very small difference as stated before, it is still a difference.

Outside of this, the online play will be respectfully the same and D3 has given us information in regards to the gameplay modes that will be available online.

Infection is a game mode that will place one person into the body of Hayden, while placing up to nine others into the roles of Lasrian Troopers. The purpose behind this mode is to bring Hayden down to score points.  You’ll be able to gain points by assisting on a kill, stunning Hayden, or just killing Hayden yourself.  If you kill Hayden, the round will end and the individual who took him down will resume the identity of Hayden at the beginning of the next round.  Hayden will also be given the opportunity to rack up points for each Lasrian he decimates.  The object of the game is to score the most points by the end of the game.

Epidemic will be your common team deathmatch offerring into the Dark Sector world.  Players will be divided into The Agency and Lasrian Troopers.  Each team will also have one Hayden that is exactly like a VIP to your team.  A round will end whenever Hayden from either team is killed.  Points will be scored via kills/assists, while points will be taken away for suicides.  It is pretty much your standard team deathmatch game mode with the exception of having a VIP on your team that you probably wouldn’t like to see die.

One thing note-worthy is the fact that each game will have automatic respawns.  So this will not be one of those online games that forces you to wait for the next round to start before you can start playing again.

Dark Sector is set to release on March 25 in North America and March 28 in Europe.