Dark Souls 3 looks deliciously brutal in new gameplay footage

Bandai Namco Games has unsheathed some fresh Dark Souls 3 gameplay for your viewing pleasure, this time highlighting the various new weapon arts featured in the upcoming brutal dungeon crawler.

The footage comes from a live stream event earlier this week, and includes gameplay of the scimitar in action in the same area as the recent network test. Check it out below. 

Dark Souls 3 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on April 12. The sequel is being headed by Hidetaka Miyazaki, the director behind the original Dark Souls, who returns to the series after stepping back into an advisor’s capacity for 2014’s Dark Souls II.

While the basic mechanics of the game adhere to past entries in the Souls series, Dark Souls 3 features several new additions to the formula, including the aforementioned weapon arts, plus a greater emphasis on role-playing elements. Small gravestones have also been introduced, which serve as the player’s torch and reveal additional lore, while the agility stat from Dark Souls II has been removed completely.

Dark Souls 3 is likely to be the final instalment in the franchise, with Miyazaki-san stating last year that he’s keen to move onto new experiences. He’s also seemingly ruled out a successor to the PS4-exclusive gothic action-RPG, Bloodborne. 

The ‘Souls’ franchise has sold over eight million copies worldwide since its inception in 2009 with the PS3-exclusive, Demon’s Souls.