Dark Souls III launch trailer prepares us for an inevitable and grisly death

Bandai Namco Games has unsheathed the official launch trailer for Dark Souls III on PlayStation 4.

Check it out below.

Dark Souls III is due out worldwide today and continues the notoriously brutal action-RPG antics of From Software’s dungeon crawling franchise. This time around there’s a few new tricks up its chainmail, however, such as faster-paced combat similar to that of Bloodborne, as well as the introduction of the Weapons Art feature. 

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The Souls franchise kicked off in 2009 with the launch of Demon’s Souls for the PlayStation 3, which garnered rave reviews from critics and nabbed a cult following among gamers. The series then continued with the spiritual successor Dark Souls in 2011, which attracted mainstream success and spawned two sequels, Dark Souls II and of course this year’s third instalment.

Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki also headed up the PlayStation 4-exclusive Bloodborne, which is not considered part of the same ‘Souls’ series but holds many similarities to its brutal hack-n’-slash stablemates. 

Despite the success of both Dark Souls and Bloodborne, Miyazaki-san has gone on record to say that he is unlikely to develop another entry to both franchises. To date, the series has sold over eight million copies worldwide.