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Darkestville Castle Looks Set To Unleash Classic Point And Click Shenanigans Onto PS4 This August

Darkestville Castle PS4

If you’re up for some good old fashioned point and click adventure shenanigans then Darkestville Castle from developer Epic Llama looks set to have your back when it arrives on PS4 next month. Darkestville Castle was previously released on PC back in 2017 to ‘very positive’ reviews on Steam.

Cast as the Demon Cid, players take the reins on an comical antihero yarn that has our fiendish antagonist attempting to reclaim Darkestville from the valiant Dan Teapot and the band of valiant demon hunters that he has hired.

In short, Darkestville Castle is looking set to deliver some delightfully old fashioned point and click goodness when it releases for PS4 on August 13th.

You can catch the Darkestville Castle console trailer below.

Darkestville Castle releases for PS4 on August 13th, 2020.