Dauntless PS4 The Game Awards 2018

Dauntless Is A Free-To-Play Action RPG With Goodies For PS Plus Members


Following the announcement and trailer for Dauntless at The Game Awards 2018, some fresh details have landed. Due to release in April 2018 on PS4, the free-to-play action RPG will come packed with goodies for PS Plus subscribers.

Focusing firmly on combat, Dauntless allows players to team up with friends to tackle a variety of monsters who are destroying humanity on the Shattered Isles. You’ll find yourself hunting Behemoths with a variety of weapons and classes.

Similar to Monster Hunter World, players will be to forge new weapons and armor and add buffs to their gear as they work together to discover the best strategy for taking down the huge variety of beasts.

Dauntless is currently in open beta on PC and Phoenix Labs has confirmed that the game will continually evolve. This will include different challenges and awards dropping into the game regularly. Though there’s micro-transactions in the game, they’re all cosmetic.

Dauntless PS Plus Rewards

PlayStation Plus subscribers will get access to an exclusive pack. This includes potions, cosmetics and other stuff that has yet to be revealed.

Stay tuned for more details on Dauntless as we get them.