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Dauntless Update 1.23 Patch Notes Confirmed

Phoenix Labs has released the full Dauntless update 1.23 patch notes for you to digest, which is now available to download for PlayStation 4 at 437MB.

Dauntless Update 1.23 Patch Notes


  • Avenging Overdrive parry fixed. Reactivating the sword’s Avenging Overdrive to parry an attack correctly applies damage to the Behemoth.
  • Frost attacks fixed. Icy grasp and other frost-based attacks from Behemoths now correctly hit players and apply damage.
  • Riftstalker clones no longer trip over. Riftstalker clones in the murder palace now complete their attacks, instead of faceplanting as they leave the portal.
  • Dismounting a Malkarion is safe again. Jumping off a Malkarion’s tail while it clips through a wall now deposits you safely outside the wall.
  • Winterhorn Skraevs’ tornado fixed. It now does damage again. Joy.
  • Stormclaws are no longer hiding. Stormclaws no longer temporarily disappear during Escalation hunts.
  • Twin Suns switching fixed. While in the airship, switching to a loadout with Twin Suns (exotic repeaters), then back to one with regular repeaters no longer breaks your equipped grip ability.
  • Riftstalker wound bug fixed. Applying the 6th (final) wound to a Riftstalker as it retreats into a portal no longer disables part damage and stagger damage.
Dauntless update 1.23 released


  • Premium bounty token amounts are now shown when they are granted or redeemed.
  • Transitioning into or out of a hunt with Kharabak’s Spur (sword) transmogged to the Sawbones Sally sword skin will no longer cause that transmog to disappear.
  • Players can no longer attempt to upgrade items if they don’t have the required materials.
  • Improved visuals for Twin Suns exotic repeaters and the Cross-Eyed Metavizor aetherpunk helm skin.
  • Heads now display properly when using the Mythic Barbuta helm skin.
  • Names on the group leaderboards now display correctly on Nintendo Switch.
  • Fixed two places in Ramsgate where it was possible to fall through the ground.
  • Console players can now sign up for the newsletter via the message of the day.
  • Disabling combat text in Options now works.
  • The Hunt Pass XP progress bar now updates immediately when a bounty is claimed.
  • The Claim Reward button on the Bounties screen no longer shows yellow controller “Y” button on PC when no controller is attached.
  • Patrol chest count is no longer partially obscured during matchmaking.
  • Escalation amps now always show rarity colors.
  • Console players that attempt to log in during maintenance are no longer shown non-functional buttons.
  • Fixed a rare server crash that could result in all players disconnecting mid-hunt.


  • Improved framerate in the airship loading screen.
  • Decreased CPU usage of lasers. Pew pew.
  • Axe determination level 3 visual effects no longer play permanently after activating, despite how cool it looked.
  • Reaching axe determination level 3 no longer makes the game run slower for your teammates.
  • Fixed a rare crash on PlayStation 4.