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Dauntless Update 1.94 Patch Notes Confirmed, Brings Ramsgiving Event & More

Phoenix Labs has lifted the wraps off the Dauntless update 1.94 patch notes for your consumption, confirming the Ramsgiving event is now live alongside a bunch of key fixes.

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Ramsgiving returns to the Shattered Isles. Speak to Honest Ozz in Ramsgate to learn more about how you can celebrate Ramsgate’s namesake this year.

Break Behemoth heads and complete quests to collect Golden Rams to spend at Ozz’s event store. This year, he’s offering exciting curiosities, cosmetics, and valuable resources! That’s right, you can now redeem your Golden Rams for bundles of rams, patrol keys, combat merits, bounty tokens, aethersparks, or tonics.

In addition, Benson the beloved ram has now found a new place of rest in Ramsgate Plaza. Help him dethrone his long-time rival, King Gruk, in two new event missions. Each mission will reward Slayers with event currency and a heavy bag of rams.

Complete Benson’s final quest to earn the Ramsgiving Crown.

Ramsgiving runs from November 17 to December 1.


Kat continues to investigate Granny Strega’s cryptic warnings. But are the Slayers of Ramsgate too late to stop whatever danger is on the horizon?


Be on the lookout for new bonus events that will run from now until the end of the year. Each of these minor events will be linked to a character in Ramsgate, offer bonus progression, and a temporary repeatable quest.

For example, during Dr. Priyani’s Research event starting November 11, you will get double weapon experience from Behemoths. Plus, you can complete Priyani’s repeatable part-breaking quest to earn more rams.



  • The chain of Ostian weapon skin rumours obtainable on the Blazeworks all drop from the correct Behemoths under the correct conditions.
  • The Sovereign Dye Rumour chain now properly requires defeating Heroic Koshai.


  • The Exile island adventure quests now appear for all players. Unlock the Reforge node in the Slayer’s path to start the adventure.
  • Reckoning IV weekly story quest now references the correct location in its dialogue.


  • All players in a party now get credit for completing Unseen riddle quests. Just in time for next year.
  • All Shrowd Effigies on Hunting Grounds islands now properly drop treats.

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