David Jaffe: ‘There’s four games I would love to do’

Twisted Metal father David Jaffe has chewed the fat over his plans for the future after he departs developer Eat Sleep Play later this year.

The outspoken developer, who is due to leave the studio he co-founded back in 2007 after his ‘maintenance contract’ with Sony is up, revealed he has four projects in mind.

Chatting with Joystiq, Jaffe commented: "I will be with Eat Sleep Play until we finish what’s called the ‘maintenance contract’ we have and have been working on with Sony.”

"That will allow us, post-launch, to stay and address issues that there’s no way we can know of. Cleaning things up in terms of balance, bugs, tuning, tweaks."

"There’s four games I would love to do, the one I do really depends on the team I can put together and the money that I can find to make it," he continued.

"There’s a survival-horror genre in there, a real low-budget survival horror, kinda guerilla film making style. Not in terms of the look, but in terms of that kind of financing and that kind of production."

Finally, Jaffe revealed that there are no plans for downloadable content or a sequel to Twisted Metal at present, though said he’d be interested in returning to the franchise “some day.”

Twisted Metal is due out in North America on February 14, and hits Europe on March 7.