David Jaffe weighs in on God of War III

Shocker of the week: The lead director of the first God of War game, David Jaffe, has nothing but good things to say about God of War III.

Writing from his blog Jaffe says that he has been "Playing GOD OF WAR 3 this weekend and really, really loving it."

"Presentation and production wise, this is a crazy ass bar raising simply staggering game!" comments Jaffe. "And the execution of the story telling process? F*cking fantastic (amazing opening credits)! Amazing job all around!"

After Jaffe completed the game, he provided the following update.

"WOW! What a ride! Thanks Sony Santa Monica for the best game I’ve played in years! F*cking loved it ya’ll! Congrats! It deserves to go super nova!"


Jaffe, a "normal member of the audience" this time around, also sees the game as "an AMAZING and RARE game design learning opportunity."

"To play a game based on your initial design formula that you had nothing to do with is eye opening!" Jaffe writes. "Because for the first time, I can actually see how the game/God Of War formula feels to a normal player … What a very cool learning opportunity!"

Well, David, it sounds like this game really spoke to you; we may just look into it, if you really think we should.

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