David Reeves on why software takes longer to reach Europe

Sony’s David Reeves has said that the reason why titles arrive in Europe far later than their North American counterparts is due to the fact there is not enough incentive for companies to work on multiple language translations during development.

Speaking to Eurogamer, the SCEE President said that he would "love to go day and date with some titles" in both continents, but observed this would only be possible for the UK – something which would inevitably attract criticism from other European countries.

"Well some developers would say they can do [translations during initial development]. Talk to Ted Price at Insomniac and he builds it in at the beginning. We’re trying to educate all our developers to do that but it’s something that’s going to take a while," said Reeves.

"But even if you talk to Guerilla, Namco, Square Enix, they all do it in English to begin with and then think about localisation later. You’re absolutely right, we should do it at the beginning. But they look at it like, ‘How much can I get for a Dutch version of the game?’

"With PlayStation Store we could probably go in the UK almost day and date. But then what are the Germans and the French going to say to me? That I’m Anglo-centric,” he noted.