Day-one Modern Warfare 3 shipments are largest in industry’s history

Activision’s boasted that day-one shipments for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 are the largest for any videogame to date.

That’s according to Activision Publishing boss Eric Hirshberg, who said during an earnings call last night (via transcript at Seeking Alpha), "The record number of pre-orders from Modern Warfare 3 drove the largest day-one shipments in our history, and in the industry’s history.”

The military shooter hit stores yesterday, though it remains unknown how many copies were sold at launch. 

However, Hirshberg revealed that 1.5 million punters flocked to 13,000 shops for the game’s midnight launch on Monday to get their mitts on a copy, “making it the latest retailer release in Activision’s history and in the industry’s history.”

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