Daylight review round-up – mixed reviews for Zombie’s supernatural thriller

Zombie Studios supernatural thriller Daylight launches on Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4 today and review scores have begun to trickle in.

We’ll have our own review live shortly, but for now here’s a round-up of scores and opinions from around the web.

VentureBeat – 60/10 – “For the few moments when it all clicks, Daylight is the best we could have hoped for out of the Slender craze. The rest of time will have you remembering why it was a craze to begin with.”

Forbes – 4/10 – “Between dull writing, last-gen graphics, and limited game mechanics, Daylight devolves into nothing more than a glorified maze simulator with mood lighting.”

Polygon – 5/10 – “Those moments of fear and panic were just that — moments — amid a whole campaign of boredom and frustration.

GamesRadar – 2 Stars “Daylight hits the right mood at first, but the creepy atmosphere is pushed aside for lame jump scares and hollow gameplay.

Hardcore Gamer – 4/5 – “This is the kind of game you have to be a survival horror fan to get, but if you are, it will push all the right buttons and you will be able to ignore the shortcomings in the actual gameplay.”

Gamespot – 3/10 – “Daylight makes for an interesting experiment in audience participation, but no crowd of online viewers can make the poor writing any better or the themes any less hackneyed. In creating a game designed for return visits, Zombie Studios ironically forgot to make a game worth playing in the first place.”

Eurogamer – 7/10 – “Daylight has neither the creeping sense of psychological dread of Fatal Frame nor the poster man antagonist of Slender, and its reliance on cliché lacks distinction. But if the game’s straightforward purpose was simply to panic and upset its player then it is an indisputable success, no matter how cheap the tricks employed.”