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DayZ Update 1.10/1.23 Patch Notes Revealed Adding A Number Of New Items To The Game


Bohemia Interactive has revealed the DayZ update 1.10/1.23 patch notes for the survival game, which add a bunch of new items and fix a few things as well. The update will arrive on November 19, during the afternoon, CET time.

DayZ Update 1.10/1.23 Patch Notes

The full patch notes are as follows from Bohemia:


  • It was difficult to start the engine of the M3S while exclusively in 3rd person mode
  • The double wheel attachment slot of the M3S did not use the correct icon
  • M3S side plate animations were not synced
  • M3S lights were not visibly glowing
  • Gunter 2 lights were not visibly glowing
  • It was not possible to attach/detach headlights on Sarka 120 and Gunter 2 from the vicinity
  • It was possible to wash bloody hands even while wearing gloves
  • Focus could be lost after respawning (forcing a complete restart of the game)
  • Fixed an issue with firewood disappearing when put into the indoor oven or fireplace (
  • Fixed an issue where the player could use ruined attachments in base building objects to build parts
  • Melee attacks to legs could sometimes deal damage to the head instead
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to duplicate rags using the quickbar
  • Fixed an issue with stamina sometimes draining completely when holding breath while aiming down sight (
  • Some repairing actions took too much quantity from a repairing tool
  • You are now unable to pick up heavy items while having a splinted leg
  • Re-spawning while unconscious could sometimes stuck the shock hit effect, resulting in a transparent grey overlay
  • The inventory could not be opened while forcing vomitting through the gesture wheel (
  • Fireplaces could not be extinguished


  • It is now possible attach and detach materials from the M3S to the world
  • The M3S now has ropes holding the back tarp
  • Increased the durability of the lockpick
  • Increased the durability of the whetstone
  • Sharpening knives costs less durability than sharpening axes


  • Fixed: Setting enableDebugMonitor on the server blocked inventory interactions on clients (,

DayZ is available now on PS4.

Source – [Bohemia Interactive]