DC Universe Online PS4 will look better thanks to new update

Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that DC Universe Online will benefit from a significant visual overhaul for the PlayStation 4.

The facelift comes as part of Game Update 31, with all additional visual polishing also carrying over to the PC version.

The game’s Executive Producer, Larry Liberty, commented: "While we can’t very easily demonstrate the sheer amount of work it’s taken to get ready for the PlayStation 4 launch in a technical sense – or the sheer amount of blood, sweat, and tears the engineers have poured into the project over the last months – it turns out artists’ tears are a lot easier to share," he said.

"In Game Update 31, we have made a combination of art upgrades that, when taken together, offer a significantly improved visual experience. Most notably, the level of detail on textures will be increased throughout the game on PC and PlayStation 4, and that’s perhaps nowhere more obvious than when observing the Earth from the Watchtower.

"We have also taken the opportunity to rebuild areas like Centennial Park in Metropolis and Robinson Park in Gotham City so that the visuals there better match the story being told. And, we have corrected and improved hundreds of details in the environmental geometry throughout the game to bring a better, seamless experience to all players, and these changes will be in effect on all platforms, including the PlayStation 3."

Aside from visual enhancements, Update 31 also adds “numerous design improvements, polish, and a remastering of the core levelling game.”

DC Universe Online for PS4 will be released within the system’s launch window. Read our review of the original PS3 version here.