Dead By Daylight New Killer is Jigsaw; Expected in 2018 Update

dead by daylight new killer jigsaw

Fans of the online survival horror multiplayer game Dead by Daylight are getting a new killer in the form of Jigsaw from the Saw franchise.

Following in the footsteps of other notorious fictional killers, including Michael Myers (Halloween) and Freddy Krueger (A Night on Elm Street), Jigsaw plans to bring a unique kind of terror to Starbreeze Studios' PS4, Xbox One and PC game.

There's currently no release date for the introduction of Jigsaw into Dead by Daylight, but we have got a terryfying teaser to whet our appetite.

Dead by Daylight New Killer for 2018 Update

They don't actually name the new Dead by Daylight playable killer in the video, but it's crystal clear who it is!

Jigsaw Is Coming to Test You

In the Saw films, Jigsaw was the main antagonist who teased his victims by making them take tests. He sets up traps to test the victim's will to live and they often have the chance to die or save themselves.

In Dead by Daylight, there's one killer and four survivors who have to escape an enclosed area. If you're fan of horror video games, you should also check out Friday the 13th: The Game.