Dead By Daylight "The Halloween Chapter" brings a familiar face

While horror games are a dime a dozen these days, there’s still something thrilling when you’re being chased by an enemy and know your life is over once they catch up to you. This is the sort of action Behaviour Interactive’s Dead By Daylight brings to the table. And to up the fear ante a bit, it’s bringing Halloween early this year with the "Halloween" expansion, which is set to hit the PlayStation 4 this month.

As one can expect from the title, everyone’s favorite masked killer Michael Myers is back to bring terror and gore. Myers is added as the new killer, Laruie Strode as the new survivor (or killee) and Haddonfield as the new map. The DLC will also include the familiar Halloween theme music that sends shivers down the spines of old school horror fans. Currently, there’s no price, but The Halloween Chapter DLC is priced at $6.99 on Steam. 

Dead By Daylight is priced at $29.99, and you can read up on our review of the team-based horror game right here.