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Dead Cells Dev Evil Empire Reveals The Rogue Prince Of Persia, A 2D Action Rougelite Releasing In Early Access May 2024

Last week, a rumour appeared claiming that Evil Empire, the team that previously worked on Dead Cells, was working on a rougelite game with Ubisoft, based on the Prince Of Persia franchise.

On Wednesday, that rumour was proved to be exactly correct, as a game called The Rogue Prince Of Persia was revealed during the Triple-I Initiative Showcase, a brand new showcase focused on games made by indie developers.

It’s also releasing first on PC in Early Access, this coming May 14, 2024, though there’s no word yet as to when we’ll see a console launch. Though given this is simply what happened with Dead Cells, it’s likely we’ll see a console launch once the early access period has come to an end.

The reveal begins as an animated cinematic, that very seamlessly moves into showcasing the gameplay, and revealing that what you’ve been watching the whole time actually is pretty much how the game is going to look.

As a follow-up game to the team that made such a seminal game in Dead Cells, The Rogue Prince Of Persia looks every bit as excellent with more than a new coat of paint.

Even though this is our first look, it’s clear from the trailer and initial previews that the new ways in which the Prince can move shows it differing from Dead Cells already.

There’s clearly a stronger focus on platforming, and more interesting platforming challenges paired with the excellent combat and rougelite system Evil Empire is known for means this is a game to keep your eyes on.

You can check out the reveal trailer for yourself, below.

Source – [Ubisoft]