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Dead Island 2 Release Date Could Happen By March 2023, Suggests Embracer Group

Embracer Group has indicated in its latest financial report that the long-delayed Dead Island 2 could finally shamble into stores by March 2023.

Speaking during a earnings presentation Q&A, the host touched on speculation about Dead Island 2 was still in the works, before revealing unofficially that they believe it’s going to come out Embracer Group’s next fiscal year, which wraps on March 31, 2023.

It very clearly is [still alive], and I at least expect the release this financial year, or sorry next financial year I should say. So, is that reasonable and what can we expect from a title that has been in development for probably 10 years or so?

In response, Lars Wingefors, CEO of Embracer Group, said:

I can’t talk about Dead Island 2 because it’s not announced as such from the publisher. But we have just talked about [that] we have one unannounced AAA titleā€¦ that you think is Dead Island 2, so it’s hard for me to comment further on that. But I am excited about unannounced titles.

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Dead Island 2 was announced back in 2014 and has a tumultuous development cycle that has seen a number of different companies at the helm. It’s now believed to be in the works at Deep Silver’s Dambuster Studio.

Only last week, it was confirmed that Dead Island 2 was still in active development, so hopefully it won’t be long until we get some concrete info on the project.

[Source – VGC]