Dead Space 2 dev hopeful for survival horror revival

Visceral Games’ Steve Papoutis has revealed that he’d love to see a resurgence of survival horror titles on the market following the release of Dead Space 2, believing the genre has witnessed a decline in recent times as they prove tricky to develop.

Speaking to the chaps at CVG in London recently, the Dead Space 2 producer commented: "I think it would be awesome to see more games like Dead Space out there, there would be stuff for us to learn from and keep the genre going." 

"I think there are a lot of people that enjoy it and it would be great to see that so I hope that happens."

Touching on the dip in the number of games in the genre as of late, Papoutis offered that aside from proving fundamentally “very difficult” to make, survival horror games may not exactly be flavour of the month in terms of perceived mass market appeal.

"I don’t know, it’s very difficult to make survival horror games, there’s so much that has to go into each moment and planning out each thing, understanding that at any moment a player may not even see what you want them to see, there is a lot of work that goes into that.”

"Also, I think some of it may even be demand in terms of what games you see that are the big blockbuster games that are selling gangbusters, that may be a motivator," he explained.

"They’re challenging, they’re not easy games to make by any means. There are twitch action elements that need to be really good, then there’s the atmosphere and tension building, story, character design, all those elements that go into it that aren’t as formulaic as some other genres of games.

"For us, we’re doing this game because we like horror, science-fiction, so it makes perfect sense for us but I don’t know what other publishers thoughts are on that."

Dead Space 2 signals the return of engineer Isaac Clarke, who having survived his first encounter with the Necromorphs in the original game now finds himself battling the beasties on board a hulking space station know as the Sprawl.

The game’s out on January 25 for PS3, PC and 360.