Dead Space 3 – Cheat codes and unlockables

Need help, tips or cheats for Dead Space 3? Want to find out how to unlock all the goodies? Check out the Dead Space 3 tip page.

Unlockable items from game save files

– N7 Armour

Use a Dead Space 2 game save to unlock these item.

– Planet Cracker Plasma Cutter 

– Use a Mass Effect 3 save file to unlock this item and get it when you reach the first workbench


+3 Clip circuit set – beat the game on casual difficulty.
+3 damage circuit set –  beat the game on impossible difficulty
+3 reload circuit set – beat the game on normal difficulty
+3 speed circuit set – beat the game on hard difficulty
Builder’s Circuit Set – Collect all 12 Blueprints
Comms Circuit Set – Collect all 36 Audio Logs
Crafter’s Circuit Set & Deep Dig Suit – Collect all 73 Weapon parts
Devil Horns – Beat Classic mode in New Game+
Devil’s Horns – Beat the game on classic mode.
Earthgov, Unitology, S.C.A.F., and Alien Circuit Sets – Collect all of the specific set of artifacts
Engineering Suit – Beat the game on any difficulty
Flight Suit – Collect all 40 artifacts
Hostile Enviornment Suit – Finish all 10 optional missions in co-op mode
Mega Resources Deposit – Beat Pure Survival mode in New Game+
Mk-II Overclock Parts Set – Beat Pure Survival mode in New Game+
Mk-II Overclocked Attachment Set – Collect all 61 Circuits
MK-II Overclocked Frame Set – Complete all 10 optional missions
MK-II Overclocked Module Set – Collect all 71 logs
Mk-II Overclocked Tip Set & flight Suit – Collect all 40 artifacts
Research Circuit Set – Collect all 35 Text Logs
Retro Mode – Beat Hardcore mode in New Game+

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