Dead Space 3 features microtransactions

The associate producer of Dead Space 3 has confirmed that action-horror sequel’s weapons crafting system will incorporate microtransactions.

Players attempting to cobble together a weapon that lacks the necessary resources will prompt a window to pop up, offering you the chance to purchase parts via downloadable content.

Check out the image below, courtesy of Eurogamer.

Resources can be obtained by yourself in the field, sending out bots to scavenge for them, or buying them from an in-game store.

"You can buy resources with real money, but scavenger bots can also give you the currency that you can use on the marketplace. So you don’t have to spend [real world] dollars,” explained Yara Khoury, during a chinwag with Eurogamer.

Does this mean you can arm Isaac with the cream of the crop of weapons from the outset and blast through missions? In short, no:

No you can’t!" assured Khoury. "There are a lot of weapon parts that are only available to buy later in the game. Unless you’re playing through it again [on New Game Plus]."

Dead Space 3 is scheduled to ship for PlayStation 3, PC and Xbox 360 in February 2013. How do you feel about the addition of microtransactions? Join in the discussion on the PSU Forums.