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How Much Does A PS5 Cost?

How Much Does A PS5 Cost? Sony‘s latest home console is entering its fourth year on the market now, and in that time has seen the standard launch model replaced with the new, colloquially-dubbed PS5 Slim. Having said that, you can still choose between a regular disc-playing PS5 or a Digital-Only Edition. But how much does a PS5 cost nowadays? Here’s some info you might find handy!

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How Much Does A PS5 Cost?

In the UK, the PS5 Digital Edition (Slim Version) retails for £389.99. The PS5 Standard Edition (Slim Edition) meanwhile retails for £479.00. In the US, the PS5 Digital Edition (Slim Version) will set you back $449.99, and the PS5 Standard Edition (Slim Version) costs $499. This are based on Sony’s RRP, so it’s possible you may find the console cheaper elsewhere during sales or other retail-specific savings.

There’s also bundles available too. For example, Amazon UK is offering a PS5 (disc version) with a copy of God of War Ragnarok for £449.99. In the US, $559.95 will bag you a PS5 console and a copy of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for the chunkier launch version of the PS5, expect to pay a lot more – if you can find one, that is. Amazon for example doesn’t stock the original version of the PS5 currently, although with the Slim version readily available, you are probably better off sticking to that.