Dead Space franchise’s future is ‘up to the fans’

The continuation of the Dead Space franchise is now in the hands of the fans. If sales for Dead Space 3 are strong, Visceral Games will produce more games in the series. Also, Dead Space 3 could be the final game in the current story arc.

Earlier this month, I spoke with Visceral Games’ Senior Producer David Woldman at a press event in San Francisco for Dead Space 3. One of the questions I asked him was in regards to Dead Space’s future as a franchise: is Dead Space 3 the end for the series as a whole or this particular story arc? During the event, the developers emphasized that Dead Space 3 would answer the questions players had about the Necromorphs and Markers, which raises the possibility of the game being the last chapter for Isaac’s story.

Woldman responded saying, "That’s really up to the fans. If they want more Dead Space, we’ll make more Dead Space. It’s very clean and very easy, right? We would love to be able to keep making games until the next-generation of consoles come out, but it’s really dependent on the people. If they want to buy the game and want to play it, we’ll make another one."

Sounds like if Dead Space fans want more games in the franchise, they’ll have to vote with their money by picking up Dead Space 3. Even if the game ends the story arc, Electronic Arts is no stranger to continuing a franchise with a new protagonist and story. A case example is the Mass Effect franchise continuing on without Commander Shepherd. Dead Space certainly has a large enough universe to support prequels, sequels, and spin-offs.

Let us know in comments where you would like the future of the franchise to go.

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